Shear Comfort can help with discomfort in bed that is caused by high pressure between the skin and the mattress. Persons of all ages, weights and mobilities can be affected by  pressure, whether it is just causing discomfort and  sleeplessness or more serious problems such as pressure  ulcers. Shear Comfort overlays can also aid the body.s  cooling process by improving air circulation around the skin  as air moves freely through the wool fibres. We have a range of overlay shapes and sizes to suit any  mattress, whether it is full mattress coverage that is  needed or just in a certain area.


Shear Comfort footwear keep the feet warm and protected in a soft bed of wool, and can be worn in bed, around the home or when travelling or staying away. The footwear is designed to relieve pressure by encasing the foot with wool on all sides, an effect that is enhanced by placing all seams on the outside, so the wool is all your feet can feel. Most of the Shear Comfort footwear range wraps around the foot using Velcro fastenings, so the boots can be easily put on and removed without creating friction against the skin.

Targetted Protectors

Our targeted hand, arm, elbow, heel and calf protectors are specifically designed to provide you with support and protection for all your joints. Certain parts of the body are at higher risk of developing pressure ulcers or skin breakages due to thin skin and bone protuberances, such as the elbows, heels, ankles, sacrum, and under the buttocks. These areas are also more prone to feelings of discomfort. We have a range of specially designed products to protect these areas.

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